Puncture Repairs in Wythenshawe

Have you got a puncture in Wythenshawe? Call in to Heald Green Garage on Warshall Road where our highly experienced technicians soon have your tyre fixed and you back on the road

Fortunately just about half of all punctures can be repaired safely and cheaply without the need for a replacement tyre.

Try not to drive on a tyre that is flat – driving for even a few hundred metres on a flat tyre can damage it beyond repair. As soon as you notice that you have a flat tyre park somewhere safe, fit the spare wheel if you have one then bring the tyre to Heald Green Garage where if we can we will fix the puncture or failing that fit a new tyre.

At Heald Green Garage All our puncture repairs carried out comply with British Standard (BSAU159). This standard covers many aspects of the repair, the main considerations to whether a tyre can be repaired are:
  • The tyre has been punctured by something small such as a nail or a screw, and not something large like a piece of broken glass or substantial kerb damage.
  • The puncture is located in the central area of the tread, and not near the edges or sidewall.
  • The tyre has not been driven on when flat as this causes the sidewalls of the tyre to be weakened making a repair unsafe.

Image of a flat tyre - Puncture Repairs Wythenshawe

If you have a puncture and need a repair in Wythenshawe call Heald Green Garage on 0161 945 5464 or use our contact form.

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